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Broken But Not Shattered ‘Episode Two’ By Wasa A. Jerry



By Wasa A.  Jerry

Episode Two
Had I known

Laraba did her  best  during exams bearing it in mind that she had to scale the withdrawal point and targeting 2.0. After the exams, she travelled home for sessional break.

” _Anty Laraba ta dawo_ ” (Anty Laraba is back) her immediate younger brother Sule, called out happily when the okada man stopped in front of their house.

His noise attracted his other sibling who came out on her heels. They missed their big sister.

Laraba had a very strong bond with her siblings. The love they shared was like no other. She was a big sister, a counsellor, an intercessor and even a second mother to them. She disciplined them when the need arose. because she had a huge sense of responsibility.

” _Laraba nawa!_” Her mum said joyfully when she entered the house. She was happy to see her daughter, friend and confidant.

“Good evening mama!”

” _Good evening, Laraba nawa_ “. “You are welcome”.

“Thank you mama”.

After exchanging pleasantries, Laraba went ahead to shower, eat and rest. Well, she didn’t actually get to do the last part before her siblings flocked her room.

” _Anty Laraba na ji kewan ki_ ” (Anty Laraba I missed you) Binta her youngest sibling said.

“I missed you more baby na” Laraba replied using the pet name only she was allowed to call her.

“Me too, _na ji kewa sosai. I use to cry every day_”. Sule said.

Laraba smiled.

“Now am back. Cry no more”

There was a soft knock on the door before it opened.

“Binta, Sule, let Laraba get some sleep”.

“No mama, let me savour their presence a little longer please”.

If you say so. Her mum said before they heard a car honk.

“That should be your father. Sule go and open the gate”.

” _Ina Gimbiya na_ ” (Where is my princess?) Laraba’s father asked immediately he entered the sitting room.

“Here I am Abba” she said.

“O my daughter” he said and engulfed her in a big hug.

“I missed you my princess”.

“I missed you too abba”.

“You are welcome my dear. Let me get some rest ko? You’ll tell me about school tomorrow”.

_Few days Later_

Laraba’s father had an UDUS alumni reunion party. He was expected to attend with all his family members.

“Dr. Bello!” a voice called when they entered the hall for the occasion.

“Dr. Obi.!” Laraba’s father replied. They shook hands amidst hearty laughter and shared a hug.

“Longest time”.

“I tell you my brother”.

“Please meet my family. This is my darling wife Mairo, and my lovely kids Laraba, Sule and Binta. Family, meet Dr. Obi my old classmate and friend”.

Dr. Obi exchanged pleasantries with them.

“My family is over there, come this way please”. He said.

“Who am I seeing?” Laraba gasped when they got to where Dr. Obi’s family was.

“No way…Laraba?”

“Cynthia? Laraba replied”. And they embraced it out amidst girlish squeals.

“OK, who else knows who?” Dr. Obi joked and they laughed.

Dr. Obi introduced his Wife Sandra and kids Cynthia and Chuks to Dr. Bello’s family.

“Dad, Mum meet Laraba my friend and ex Classmate”. Cynthia did a brief introduction before they sat down at the same table.

Both family got along with ease as they engaged in meaningful discussions mostly about what they had achieved.

“Laraba, are you in school already?” Sandra asked.

“Yes ma”.

“She was admitted into Unibrax to study chemistry”. Her father said proudly.

“Wow. Focus on your study OK?” Dr Obi said. “Make dad and mummy proud”.

“Yes sir, Thank you”.

“I know my Laraba will make me proud”. Her father said with a big smile. “I believe in her”.

When the party started, the girls got bored of being amidst elderly people, so they excused themselves from others to have their own reunion, though they said it was ‘girls time’.

“So how is Harion Royale University?” Laraba asked Cynthia about her school where she was studying Law.

“Fine o”.

“How is Unibrax?”

“E dey o… E dey sha”. Laraba replied dragging each word.

” _Wetin be dawan?_ “

“School isn’t as rosy as I expected”. Laraba said and narrated her experience.

“You never cease to amaze me Laraba. Why on earth will you consider the possibility of being withdrawn? You’ve been a straight A’s student through out secondary school. You no gree make anybody collect first position from you. Even the Arithmetic you dislike, you always find your way out. Me I know say you be first class candidate no matter how the school be. I believe in you, your family does too. Please make us proud”.

The break came to an end and Laraba resumed to school. Three weeks after resumption, result for the previous session was released. Laraba was nervous and couldn’t check it for days.

When she finally did, the realisation of what she prayed for and what she targeted dawned on her. She had few A’s and B’s but C’s dominated though she had E’s too. But that wasn’t what broke her. The shock of failing MAT101 did.

That night, she soaked her pillow with tears. She realized she had made a mistake she will forever regret. She asked God for a CGPA to help her cross withdrawal point and she ended up with 2.37.

She discovered she was never going to be a first class student, EVER!!

Cynthia’s word’s kept ringing ” _Me I know say you be first class candidate no matter how the school be_ “.

‘I’ve let my parents down’, she thought.

“Oh! Had I known, I should have prayed for better and worked harder”. She lamented.

Laraba’s heart was broken and she was thrown into a state of despair. She felt she couldn’t make her future bright anymore. She saw her dreams wither before her. Some of her close friends and coursemates figured out that something was wrong with her because she emaciated in size greatly. But whenever she was asked, she always said ” I’m fine”.

She couldn’t concentrate in class or during studies. Her performance in the previous session clouded her thoughts day and night.

‘How can I ever make this right’. She always asked herself. She lost all the fight in her and the zeal for greatness. She felt she had become dumb over night and made up her mind to take whatever comes her way. Her prayer point became that of wanting to graduate with her mates. Not that of flying colours anymore.

One fateful afternoon, Laraba was surfing her facebook news feed when she came across a post by her coursemate. A post that changed her life.

*Author’s note*

Thank you for reading episode two.

Your comments and constructive criticism(s) will be appreciated.

I felt it neccesary to tell you a little about Laraba and the kind of Faith her family and friend’s have in her.

Next episode loading….


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